John Atkeison


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John Atkeison is a campaigner, publicist and lobbyist in the energy policy arena. Global warming and the resulting climate changes have been his primary focus. Atkeison has worked professionally as a campaign manager at the congressional level, a publisher and an information technology consultant. He has served as a volunteer television producer for the cable news magazine “GreenViews” and volunteer producer for the troupe Climate Action Theatre, both of which he initiated. He has also served as a speaker for community education and organizing efforts, union negotiator and small business owner, and has been a candidate for public office. He served as director of climate and clean energy programs at the Alliance for Affordable Energy in New Orleans and was a sales manager for Mage Solar, a solar power hardware manufacturer. Atkeison has arrived in Lincoln, Neb., via the Gulf Coast, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

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