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Prairie Fire Newspaper went on hiatus after the publication of the September 2015 issue. It may return one of these days but until then we will continue to host all of our archived content for your reading pleasure. Many of the articles have held up well over the years. Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or an interest in helping return Prairie Fire to production. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to all our readers, contributors, and supporters - the quality of Prairie Fire was a reflection of how many people it touched (touches).

Since 2007, Prairie Fire has provided our readers with new perspectives, fresh ideas, and valuable information to make sense of an increasingly complex world. Our diversity of writings by noted experts on the environment, public policy, arts and humanities, and social issues has attracted a loyal and growing audience, both online and in print.

Prairie Fire provides our advertisers with the ability to reach a diverse and distinctive audience in a high-quality print product with distribution to places other regional publications do not reach, along with our accompanying website.

In addition to covering all of Nebraska, PF is distributed to the trade areas of Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Montana, and Colorado. We have special distribution to Lincoln public schools, Omaha middle schools and high schools, Lincoln and Omaha public libraries, and over twenty rural libraries. We also reach the government sector, with distribution at the Nebraska State Office Building, Nebraska Legislature, and Nebraska Capitol.

During the spring migration season, we help you cover central Nebraska with our annual Migration Field Guide pull-out, which offers maps, event listings, and seasonally targeted editorial. The guide reaches the thousands of birders, wildlife watchers, and other tourists who inundate the Central Flyway area from January through April to see sandhill cranes, prairie chickens, and other Platte River Valley species.

If you are interested in placing advertising to reach our unique audience of educated, open-minded lifelong learners and decision makers, please contact Mark Musick at (402) 217-5475 or For details, please download our media kit and terms below.

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Immigration in Nebraska