Au Revoir


Prairie Fire Newspaper went on hiatus after the publication of the September 2015 issue. It may return one of these days but until then we will continue to host all of our archived content for your reading pleasure. Many of the articles have held up well over the years. Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or an interest in helping return Prairie Fire to production. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to all our readers, contributors, and supporters - the quality of Prairie Fire was a reflection of how many people it touched (touches).

After seven-and-one-half years of inspired, bipartisan, civil discourse, we are likely bringing you the final twenty-four- page print issue of Prairie Fire. We have made a heroic effort to find a successor advertising manager after our revered co-owner, Nancy Hamer, became burned out after ninety monthly (successful) journeys to find twelve pages of advertising revenue each month.

Our Mission

We are pleased to have assembled a group of over five hundred advertisers, over one thousand distribution sites in seven states, and (depending on the month) eighty five thousand to one hundred thousand readers.

If you reread our mission statement in our inaugural issue (July 2007), you will see that we have accomplished close to all of our goals. For the few goals left unfulfilled, we shall (perhaps) add them to our next chapter, a path not yet precisely formulated. To our 1,080 essay writers, we say, “Well done,” “thank you,” and we urge you all to continue your great craft.

The Future

If you have been a follower of Prairie Fire and wish to remain part of our network, in whatever form that may be, please consider any of the following choices:

Website — Please visit our website,, and sign up as a Friend of Prairie Fire. We will notify you when we have updates. This list will remain private and will not be used for any other purpose than Prairie Fire updates.

Facebook — Stay in touch with Prairie Fire and other readers via our Facebook group. Notice of future discussion groups will be posted. You can also “like” our Facebook page.

Twitter – Follow us @prairiefirenews.

Email — Feel free to email either Don (donnel@wind or Nancy (nancy@prairiefire to provide us with any offers or suggestions for the future and the future of Prairie Fire.

Phone — If you prefer, feel free to call Don at (402) 430-3027 or Nancy at (402) 499-1306.

Submittable — We will continue to use the Submittable service for those wishing to submit material to Prairie Fire at

We shall do our best to keep our website improving and current. If there are new developments as to a possible next chapter for Prairie Fire or any Prairie Fire special projects, we shall use our website as one of the delivery platforms.


We are choosing the most liberal refunding policy. If you were a recent generous contributor, a paid subscriber, or a prepaid advertiser, just send us a message or call, and we shall gladly refund any amount that you think fair.

Back Issues

If you would like back issues, call Don Nelson at (402) 430-3027.

Nancy’s Song

Prairie Fire has been an incredible journey based on relationships, respect, and a sharing of knowledge. The satisfaction we have garnered from our efforts has been immense. So many things have meant so much. The kind, supportive calls and messages we received along the way; the folks who stood by our side with their advertising dollars; the dedicated, undercompensated men and women who made our delivery system such a crackerjack operation (under the skilled guidance of Anne Kitten); the very involved, busy people who used their knowledge and writing skills to bring our readers the in-depth quality material they crave; our interested and interesting readers who made this all work; our partners Cris and Aaron who gave their all to get you a quality publication each of these ninety past months; Patrick Adams, who kept our website rolling; and Don Nelson, who was able to transform a vision into a reality with an impact. How do I tell you how appreciated you all are? It has been a pleasure and a joy to serve you. I hope our paths cross many times in the future.

Thank you, everyone. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Immigration in Nebraska