Our Fifth Year


Prairie Fire Newspaper went on hiatus after the publication of the September 2015 issue. It may return one of these days but until then we will continue to host all of our archived content for your reading pleasure. Many of the articles have held up well over the years. Please contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or an interest in helping return Prairie Fire to production. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to all our readers, contributors, and supporters - the quality of Prairie Fire was a reflection of how many people it touched (touches).

By W. Don Nelson

This issue celebrates Prairie Fire’s fifth birthday. We launched our paper with the promise of thoughtful but stimulating civil discourse. Little did we know how the nascent threads of incivility in July 2007 would grow to be a food fight on steroids by mid-2012. A parallel disturbing trend has been the rise in attacks upon the scientific basis of many of the conclusions regarding the various current ills mounting throughout the world. A University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill study concludes that between 1974 and 2010, overall trust in science declined. We believe that it is an ominous trend when citizens accept only ideas about scientific consensus that conform to their underlying cultural, political or social predispositions. Accordingly, we shall double our efforts to bring our readership the product of our finest thinkers throughout the region. By exposing ourselves to the thoughts and experiences of others, we hope to challenge our own way of thinking and play our part in helping to create new and successful solutions for our planet.

We are proud that our readership has multiplied many times over from the original 10,000, and we now distribute Prairie Fire not only throughout Nebraska but the surrounding six states. For the more recent readers who have not followed us since our birth, you may read our original mission statement on the front page of our inaugural issue on our website.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to our hundreds of advertisers who have made the first five years possible. Please continue to consider them in your daily commerce and personal activities.

The single biggest surprise in this five-year journey has been the degree to which we have been overwhelmed with quality, in-depth, regular monthly essays from the widest possible array of educators, poets, musicians, scientists and artists who are graciously willing to share their life experiences and current view of our world. We thank you for your past contributions and hope that you will consider continuing your generous gifts.

In closing, a special thanks to our army of distributors who faithfully make sure that copies of Prairie Fire reach you, our valuable readers. We wouldn’t be here without you!



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The time flies. It is amazing that you have been so successful in communicating with so many folks interested in the best perspectives to make Nebraska and its neighbors aware of its social and environement conditions in which we all find ourselves. Congratulations, Don. Rick

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