Lunar Eclipse 2010


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Moon over the prairie, March 21, 2008. (Paul A. Johnsgard)

We stood upon the frozen patio
And shared the longest nighttime of the year.
The moonlight gave us each a chilly glow,
Directly overhead the sky was clear.
Craning we watched in silence for an hour
The brilliant circle slowly disappear,
Silvery beams bereft of mystic power
Until a single baleful henna eye
Enhanced the brilliance of surrounding stars
And cast its spell upon the darkened sky,
Its ruddy hue surpassing neighbor Mars.
And thus began the season of the snow,
The coming of the time which marks years end,
This winter heralded by celestial show.
We knew we’d never stand like this again

—J. Kemper Campbell


Image Credit: Moon over the prairie, March 21, 2008. (Paul A. Johnsgard)


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