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After a three-month hiatus, Prairie Fire is back in print. We have a new sales team and a renewed energy to work on the goal of bringing you civil discussion about ideas and events that can change and improve our world. We’re not the only ones who are excited. We’ve heard from many of you—readers, advertisers, and friends of the paper—who said Prairie Fire fills a need not met by other regional publications and who have missed their monthly discussion of public policy, the environment, culture, and social issues.

Cuba: "Foreign Travel on a Conference Budget"

Cars parked near Gran Theatre and El Capitolio in the center of Havana, Cuba. (ArtMarie/iStock)

On the eve of normalization of relations with Cuba, we wanted to give our readers a peek into US-Cuba relations fifty-nine years ago. This article, from the March 1956 issue of the American Library Association Bulletin, was prepared in conjunction with the association’s annual convention in Miami—also note the intriguing travel service ad that accompanied the article.

By JoAnn Neuman

When you arrive at Miami Beach for the 1956 Conference, you will be nearly as far south as is possible to travel within the limits of the continental United States. This location will provide you with one of the most alluring opportunities for delightful and inexpensive foreign travel you will ever experience—the Isles of Caribee. The whole area lies at your doorstep—Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, the Bahamas, and many other storied islands.

Immigration in Nebraska

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